Viviana Siddhi is a Slovenian-born artist who creates mandala paintings as a spiritual practice for both artist and observer. Viviana also holds sacred mandala workshops to teach the healing power of mandalas.

Her works have appeared in exhibitions in the United States Switzerland and Slovenia, and hang in sacred places, from meditation rooms and yoga studios to San Francisco's Grace Cathedral.

Viviana is also spiritual teacher, Conscious Bodywork practitioner, DNA healer and yoga teacher available for private consultations.

God's Presence
Grace Cathedral
San Francisco, CA

"Contemplate the mandala as a tool for your spiritual journey in this house of prayer for all people" - Grace Notes 9/04

A Message from Viviana

I've been painting mandalas from my early age and step by step I discovered the way to my inside.

One of the paths leading to the light is through the understanding of our patterns - if we are brave enough, and have the insight to discover them and transform them with love into positive energy. The other path is an intuitive one with a deep faith in God and in positive energy, nature, which is all the time with us, even in every thought, word, action, prayer or request.

At every step, we have messages leading us to the light. We just have to be present here and now, every moment. When we are able first to follow the voice of the heart, intutition and then use our intellect for the right perception of life, we are on the way to the light-God.

When I paint, my soul becomes one with the colors and forms and together they create the mandala. Each step follows the other, as I enter a meditative state and contemplative union where time doesn't exist and all is One.

At the same time, this is the way that we learn to be present during each moment of our life.

By gazing on the artwork, the viewer is invited to enter the same meditative and spiritual state. Art created in this dual awareness offers direct access to non-dualistic spirit.

The International Caravaggio Prize - Great Master of Art - is given to internationally renowned artists who have distinguished themselves for their art in their artistic career.

Caravaggio is one of the most known and appreciated artists in the world, he was a great innovator in art. Over the centuries thousands of artists have been inspired by him, is considered the true Great Master of Art. The award ceremony was held on December 7th, 2018 in the oldest historical theater of Milan, the Teatro Litta.

Contemporary European Art Museum, Sept. 1st, 2018; Permanent Art show, Denmark European Art Museum is in every way surprisingly spacious in the way it succeeds in displaying the special quality of contemporary art to overcome and transform all restrictions.

The Holy Grail

Art is about meaningfulness - from the least and most everyday to the greatest and most limitless. Art is communication about life. Artists work with their particular sensitivity and visual language into the field of "Holy Grail", meaning meaningfulness. In earlier European art history there was an important distinction between categorizations like feminine and masculine. Where the masculine was linked to action, courage, power, the violent, the boundless and the sublime, while the feminine was attached to the silence, contemplative and beauty. The masculine was associated with the courage to break with rules and norms. While the feminine was connected to the words and beauty and to follow the norms and rules.

The Vision

Art has always explored boundaries and moved across all boundaries, both national cultural and spiritual differences in human experience of freedom, beauty, truth, the good, the righteous. The Art Museum in Frederiksvaerk focuses on the special quality that arises when creating meetings across otherwise separated categorizations such as the naive, sophisticated, figurative-abstract, masculine feminine, traditionally performed and experimental. The art can awaken all sorts of emotions and it can easily the personal with the universal, the everyday with the poetic. passion, curiosity, courage, longing and feeling of life are the elements of art. The core fundamentals of this museum are love, passion, power and innocence.

Viviana was awarded with the "International PRIZE RAFFAELLO" inside the Gnudi Palace in the heart of Bologna. The Prize is for the important celebrities from the world of culture that are worth for their artistic merit. Bologna is one of the most important cities in Italy for the richness of cultural traditions and the vitality of an economy based on trade and agriculture, but also on a particularly developed tertiary sector. In Bologna is one of the oldest universities in Europe, and for quality of life and level of well-being is one of the first places among Italian cities that is also reflected in a culture of food famous all over the world. Raffaello Sanzio (1483-1520) is considered, together with the great Leonardo and Michelangelo, one of the greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance. Raffaello is able to delve into the depths of the human soul, giving his subjects an emotional charge that is transmitted immediately from the canvas to the server. His shop in Rome worked as a real "team" formed not only by young apprentices but also by established artists, so as to be able to carry out several projects simultaneously.

Rome "Awarding of the International PRIZE GIULIO CESARE - Art Emperor" is for artists that are worth for their artistic merit.

Awards ceremony for the important celebrities from the world of culture was held inside the Velli Palace in Rome.  Rome has been one of the most important and well-known cities in the world for 34 centuries. In the historical panorama it is a unique case: in part, the Etruscan tombs, the republican fora, the imperial temples, the paleo-christian basilicas, the medieval bell towers, the Renaissance palaces and the baroque churches. Julius Caesar was very important for the history of art, was the first to create an art museum, transformed the imperial forum into a Museum. The award consists in a precious customized sculpted trophy. The sculpture, representing Giulio Cesare is realized by Tuscan artisan, with a mix of marble dust and resins. The gilding is handmade. It's a precious craftsmanship work, with a base of black marble.

I will be showing selected artwork.
Kensington Town Hall
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